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All Santosha teachers come with experience in understanding the practice of yoga, from philosophy to anatomy. Our own education in adapting and observing students is key: we all train continuously as part of our life-long commitment to the practice of yoga.



Davina is the leader of SantoshaYoga. She has been connected to the Brant Street location since its inception as the Yoga Centre of Burlington in 1999, both as a student and teacher. Recognising that graduating from her first 500-hour teacher training was only the beginning, Davina continued on the learning path.  She felt so strongly drawn to the teachings of B.K.S. Iyengar, renowned Indian yoga master, that she sought out a teacher who embodied Guruji's ideals, Francois Raoult in Rochester, New York, and studied with him for seven years. For the past twelve years Davina has been immersed in training with the most senior Iyengar teacher in Canada, Mahyar Raz in Toronto. In 2013 Davina was awarded her Level Two certificate, making her officially part of the Iyengar family of teachers, which is recognised world-wide.




Mac Swackhammer was introduced to yoga in 1977 and has practised ever since. Beginning with teacher Lisa Schwartz he has continued his education with many international teachers such as Francois Raoult and Donna Farhi, as well as locally with Nesta Falladown and Davina Parkinson. Mac has taught at the Yoga Centre of Burlington and for the City of Hamilton. He is a Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance.





                                                          Madeline Grady agreed to join a yoga class with a friend ten years ago. The friend never did join, but Madeline has been hooked on yoga ever since. She practiced various styles at various studios, and attended a number of retreats and conferences. Once she was introduced to the  Iyengar tradition by Davina in 2013, she saw how all-encompassing yoga could be, and became thoroughly committed to learning that style. In 2017 she finished a 250-hour Yoga Teacher Training course at Sacred Lotus studio, and continues her education with Davina. 









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